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60 Free Essays on Critical Reflection

  1. Offer a Detailed Critical Reflection on the Ways in Which the Matrix (Wachowski Bros., 1999) Can Be Seen as Enacting Plato's ‘Allegory of the Cave'.

    "What is the Matrix? The Matrix is the world they pull over your eyes" (Matrix 1999). Plato's ‘allegory of the cave' has much in common with the themes and ideas portrayed in The Matrix. The allegory of the cave is an analogy for the human condition. Plato's philosopher asks us to imagine slaves c

  2. Critical Analysis of Young Goo

    Critical Analysis of Young Goodman Brown Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story of Young Goodman Brown is a reflection of the Puritan faith as well as man’s conflict between good and evil. This analysis will emphasize on the theme of Young Goodman Brown as well Hawthorne’s usage of s

  3. The Merchant of Venice as a Romantic Comedy - Critical Analysis

    We can trace the origin of Comedy to Dionysis- the Greek God of Wine who was hilarious, satirical and irreverent in spirit. Ben Jonson in ‘Volpone' (1605) that is considered to be the greatest comedy in English epitomized the classical spirit of comedy. Shakespeare was aware of the classical tradit

  4. A Critical Analysis of "The Hero, " with References to Beowulf.

    After critical analysis and in-depth reflection, I have adopted the belief that heroes, despite their extraneous characteristics, have very similar values to the people that follow them. This point of view can best be explained using three key points of focus. These points are as follows: The simila

  5. The Apple of Life: a Critical Analysis of Robert Frost's "After Apple-

    The apple of life: a critical analysis of Robert Frost's "After Apple-Picking" In the poem "After Apple-Picking", Robert Frost has cleverly disguised many symbols and allusions to enhance the meaning of the poem. One must understand the parallel to understand the central theme of the poem. The

  6. Critical Analysis of the Death of a Salesman

    The Garden in the "Death of a Salesman" In Arthur Miller's, Death of a Salesman, many elements stand out in the play and they all lend themselves to a lot of personal interpretation. Willy's attitude toward life and the way he has raised his sons gives the reader a window into the soul of the l

  7. Scenario One Reflection Paper 9-Step Problem-Solving Model

    Scenario One Reflection Paper Pat Anthony, Regina Campbell, Makisha Keith and Marcela Rivera Learning Team B University of Phoenix Foundations of Problem-Based Learning MBA/500 Dr. James Booker III, PhD. May 15, 2006 Introduction While problem-solving is an almost universal aspect of l

  8. Critical Analysis of "The Joy Luck Club"

    Critical Analysis of The Joy Luck Club A Novel of Overcoming Differences Amy Tan, an American woman of Chinese descent wrote her first novel in 1989. This was The Joy Luck Club, a novel about the relationships between intercultural mothers and daughters. Tan’

  9. Critical Thinking and Language Essay

    Part I-Metaphors Several years ago, I took a cruise trip with a close friend to the Bahamas. It was very fascinating and a wonderful experience. During the day, the ocean/sea was as blue as the sky on a nice day. As I looked down into the ocean I saw my reflection as if I were looking upon a mir

  10. Mgt 350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

    Work Related Problem University of Phoenix Mgt 350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making September 22, 2005 Work Related Problem Brief Background Employee's performance: Employee known as Jane had a past romantic relationship with the owner of a small company. The owner broke-u

  11. Critical Thinking and Today's Leaders

    CRITICAL THINKING MGT350 Critical Thinking In today’s world many businesses look for leaders that use critical thinking in their thinking. Why you ask? To know why you must have a clear understanding of what critical thinking is and how it has been applied in my own experience.

  12. Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking We are all capable of thinking and reasoning as part of our human being nature, but to what extent the decisions that we make, the actions that we take, and the explanations that we give are based on facts? Can we defend our points of view, or provide a wise opinion in a social

  13. Critical Thinking Re: to Nursing

    Critical Thinking Related to Nursing In researching the process of critical thinking, you find many definitions and explanations. An example of the definition of critical thinking (Shriven & Paul) is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizi

  14. “Trifles: Psychological Critical Perspective

    Susan Glaspell was a novelist and playwright during the “first wave” of the feminist movement. Although the movement was initially concerned with Suffrage, later waves dealt with “inequality of laws, as well as cultural inequalities” (Wikipedia). In her one-act play, “Trifles”, Glaspell

  15. Critical Anylasis of Slaughterhousefive

    Critical Analysis # 1 A main issue that World War II raises for writers is how to represent the ultimately inexpressible horrors of that war and, at the same time, engage the reader in a talk that might create the savage indignation. In the novel "Slaughterhouse Five" Vonnegut has shown many the

  16. Critical Thinking - 7 Step Problem Solving

    7-Step Problem Solving There are many different ways of solving problems or coming to conclusions. There are also many ways to do research and learn lessons from the research that one finds. Some ways are better than others as far as the depth of thinking that is involved, but if

  17. Critical Analysis: Video Games Violence

    In Patrick Masell’s article titled ‘Video Games Violence’, which is taken from http://www.chuckhawks.com/video_violence.htm, he asserts that while violent video games have been accused of causing teenagers to commit crime, other determinants such as hostile environment, parental neglect or abu

  18. Critical

    Critical Thinking Essay December 16, 2006 The disease of addiction captivated me like a kid at a carnival. Once inside everything was not what it seemed. Bright lights, bells, and whistles beckon my beating heart with the promise of fun and excitement. The pungent aromas of over indulgence make

  19. Best Practices in Critical Thinking and Decision Making

    Best Practices in Critical Thinking and Decision Making Best Practices in Critical Thinking and Decision Making Janice Leone-Reynolds Comm 505 Prof. R. Sardono University of Phoenix Best Practices in Critical Thinking and Decision Making Adults in society have different opinions about

  20. A Critical Review of Imf Programs in the Caribbean


  21. Reflection Paper

    Scenario One Reflection Paper The essence of an organization's consistent advancement is the ability to solve problems effectively. When potential problems or issues arise the root cause is first identified, and decisions are made to resolve the problem. If an organization gradually seeks out and

  22. Critical Analysis of William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

    William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge spearheaded a philosophical writing movement in England in the late 18th and early 19th century. Although Wordsworth and S.T. Coleridge are often considered the fathers of the English Romantic movement, their collective theologies and philosophies were

  23. Critical Thinking and Its Four Components

    Running head: CRITICAL THINKINGAPPLICATION AND ITS FOUR MAJOR COMPONENTS Critical Thinking Application and its Four Major Components Gina Cazeau University of Phoenix Abstract This paper will define the concept of cr

  24. Critical Thinking Application - a Strategy for Decision Making

    Critical Thinking Application A Critical Thinking Application is a type of strategy for decision making which requires a certain type of learning which can be applied to some proper solutions; it may include some steps before the objective is achieved. Thinking is the original or a process for a

  25. Human Resource Industry Audit - Reflection Paper

    Human Resource Industry Audit - Reflection Paper Tommy Kramer Nov 4, 2006 Human Resource Industry Audit - Reflection Paper Change is the one constant in the highly competitive business world. Industries are consistently exploring different ideas, techniques, and processes to make or keep thei

  26. Shaw Critical Summary

    Critical Summary: Bernard Shaw’s Tolstoy: Tragedian or Comedian? Shaw begins his critical article by explaining the differences between the popular and classical definitions of comedy and drama. He then expresses his belief that the British school defies these definitions by intermingling them

  27. Critical Essay on for Whom the Bell Tolls

    It takes a very talented writer to bring a work of fiction to life. Every single detail must have some minimal degree of appropriateness for the author to include it in his work, and this is especially true for Ernest Hemingway in the case of For Whom the Bell Tolls. The most prevailing theme in the

  28. Critical Thinking Paper

    Critical Thinking Application Paper 2 Critical thinking is the most important form of thinking when it comes to decision making and problem solving. Our thought process has to be broken down from our natural thinking to start thinking critically in order to determine the best non-bias solu

  29. Close Critical Analysis of Coleridge's 'Frost at Midnight'

    'Frost at Midnight' is generally regarded as the greatest of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 'Conversation Poems' and is said to have influenced Wordsworth's pivotal work, 'Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey'. It is therefore apposite to analyse 'Frost at Midnight' with a view to revealing how

  30. The Reflection of George Orwell

    "On each landing, opposite the lift shaft, the poster with the enormous face gazed from the wall. It was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, the caption beneath it ran." (Orwell 4 "Nineteen"). George Orwell's Nin