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60 Free Essays on How To Spend Leisure Time

  1. Ways to Spend Leisure Time Wisely

    Everybody is having a busy life. But then, there is leisure time for us to spend. Leisure time is set aside for relaxation. There can be useful yet exciting ways to spend our leisure. Some suggestions include reading, doing exercise as well as charity work. Firstly, one of the most effective way

  2. Do Young People Today Make Good Use of Their Leisure Time? or Do They Spend Too Much Time Watching Television and Video Games, Instead of Taking Part in More Productive Activities?

    Leisure time can be well spent in many different ways.One popular option among the young is playing video games and watching television.While other activities like sports,social gathering and reading are available to them,many people feel that they spend too much time on these indoor games and scree

  3. How I Spend My Leisure Time

    How I spend my leisure time: Free time is a something everybody needs.   Free time always people to express themselves in many different ways.   Moreover, some people can become so busy in life they don’t have time for free time, which may seems impossible to some.   Furthermore, most people se

  4. Leisure Time Is Becoming an Increasingly Rare Commodity, Largely Because Technology Has Failed to Achieve Its Goal of Improving Our Efficiency in Our Daily Pursuits.

    In a society where most households have clocks, phones, and televisions in almost every room, and daily schedules are demarcated by minutes instead of hours, many Americans suffer from stress and constantly complain that they don't have enough time to do everything they want to do. This complaint ap

  5. Leisure Time for College Students

    Yue Xing (Hillary) Class 3 Writing I Final Dec.20th The Productive Ways College Students Use in their Leisure Time When a student graduate from senior high school and is about to attend a college, he must face a problem—how to use his leisure time in a productive way. In college, there

  6. Critique of an Egyptian Cultural Society

    The National Geographic Society "It's right here", was the old guard's response when I asked him where I could find the National Geographic Society. Immediately upon entering the gates of the Shura Council Compound, I found a plaque on one of the two buildings indicating it to be the

  7. The Government should spend more money on providing free leisure facilities for teenagers

    „The Government should spend more money on providing free leisure facilities for teenagers” I belive some teenagers nowadays don’t get enough attention. Their parents have long working hours and have some other problems in their everyday life. They don’t take time to talk with their...

  8. Should the Amount of Home Work Be Reduced

    It has been a question at the back of all our minds:" are the students getting too much home work?" I'm not going to answer that question for you and force you to believe what I believe however i'm going to present you with a number of different facts about the amount of homework, the reasons for it

  9. Leisure Time - China - September 2013:Industry Growth Report

    Leisure Time - China - September 2013 Due to the slowing consumer economy in China, competition is increasing in many leisure services sectors, and this is forcing leisure service providers to look beyond their immediate consumer bases and develop more business among middle and lower...

  10. Leisure Time

    Spare time The results of a recent poll suggest that Russians are good at managing their time. Most of them (79%) consider themselves capable of managing their time, while only 12% complain that time management is a challenge for them. Muscovites appear to be most organized and disciplined in th

  11. Leisure Time

    Leisure time is essential for every human being, since studying and working consumes a lot of physical and mental power. Different people prefer different activities to spend their time for recreation. Some people like to rest on their coaches watching TV, but types of recreational activities are ve

  12. leisure time

    My topic is about leisure time. Firstly, I’d like to make everything in order when I am in a good mood. To some extent I am lazy girl, often making desk or wardrobe a mess .And I always spare some time to make them order once two or three weeks. I enjoy myself in this process and get a...

  13. Leisure Time for Student

    Chapter-1 1.1 Background Leisure time defines freedom provided by the cessation of activities; especially: time free from work or duties. Leisure, or free time, is time spent away from business, work, and domestic chores. It is also the periods of time before or after necessary activities such as

  14. Leisure Time

    SURVEY ON HOW STUDENTS SPEND THEIR LEISURE TIME The survey was conducted on 15 and 16 August 2012 by means of a questionnaire. About 20 students in the same cohort were asked an how their spend their leisure time. Students were required to tick items on a given list and give a reason why they chos

  15. Despite the Many Timesaving Devices in Our Homes, People Today Are Working Harder and Longer. Explain Whether It Would Be Better for People to Work Less and Have More Leisure Time.

    Subject: Despite the many timesaving devices in our homes, people today are working harder and longer. Explain whether it would be better for people to work less and have more leisure time. Today, having timesaving devices in our home is not a new thing any longer. Timesaving devices are devices

  16. The Soldiers in the Trenches

    The effects of the war on the soldiers in the trenches (Picture taken from webpage http://www.gwpda.org/photos/brit1.htm ) During the four years of the First World War, in the Trenches, millions of soldiers lived tormented in ve

  17. Should We Spend Time in the Sun?

    Should We Spend Time in the Sun? The question I am trying to answer is should we spend time in the sun. The new information I am trying to find out to help answer this question is there a connection between time spent in the sun and people’s health. I will look for statistics to show a correlatio

  18. Leisure Time

    Leisure is time spent in non-compulsory activities. Because leisure time is free from compulsory activities such as work, study, household duties, eating and sleeping. The idea of leisure time and relaxation are popular with all the age groups and social classes. Old and young, rich and poor are usi

  19. Do Young People Spend Their Time Wisely?

    Leisure time can be well spent in many different ways. One popular option among the young is playing video games and watching television. While other activities like sports, social gathering and reading are available to them but many people feel that they spend too much time on these indoor games an

  20. Leisure Time

    Leisure time Everybody sometimes has a free time. Somebody prefer only to sleep in their liesure time, but the largest part of us prefer to do a great amount of things which are pleasant and interesting for us. It may be reading, a various types of sport game, watching TV, listening music and oth

  21. Slow Down Culture...

    It's been 18 years since I joined Volvo, a Swedish company. Working for them has proven to be an interesting experience. Any project here takes 2 years to be finalized, even if the idea is simple and brilliant. It's a rule. Globalize processes have caused in us (all over the world) a general sen

  22. Discussing Issues of Morality in Anthony Burgess

    "When a man ceases to choose, he ceases to be a man" Discussing Issues of Morality in Anthony Burgess 'A Clockwork Orange' By Linsey May This study was initiated by an interview which Burgess gave in response to the controversy and acclaim equally given to his complex classic 'A Clockwork O

  23. Time for a Change

    As I walked through the dark corridor to the front door, the room was surrounded by an eerie silence that made the echo of my footsteps become louder with every step. When the doors swung open, I realized that today was my last day to be employed by Goodyear. Even though being unemployed makes me fe

  24. Research and Decision Making

    Running head: RESEARCH AND DECISION MAKING Research and Decision Making MBA/510 Research and Decision Making Coffee Time is a growing company that specializes in favored coffee and other hot coffee drinks; it is ever-expanding and moving int

  25. The Scarlett Letter

    The story opens with Hester Prynne standing silently on the scaffold in the middle of a town square in 18th century Boston. Hester, holding her small child in her arms, is publicly on trial for adultery. The town people, especially the women, are not happy that Hester has been sentenced only to

  26. Men and Meat

    The author of "Carnal Knowledge"; T.C. Boyle, uses first person narrator to depict the life of the main character Jim, and his use of tone and irony make Jim a round character, he comes alive and seems like a real person with the occurring events. In this story tone and irony really depict Jim's cha

  27. The Need for Money

    I watched a movie, <u>Spanglish</u>. I am going to compare it with <u>Maria Full of Grace</u>. Maria Full of Grace is just as good as Spanglish, the difference of the two movies is the difference of culture, both movies relate on making a sacrifice to get a better future, and also a better liv

  28. Leisure Time

    Leisure Time Do you like to spend time with your family? Having time to do things with your family is very valuable, because these are the moments you will cherish forever. The world is a busy place with work, school and everything in between that, that why leisure time is nice. Leisure time is

  29. Leisure or Free Time

    Leisure or free time, is a period of time spent out of work and essential domestic activity. It is also the period of recreational and discretionary time before or after necessary activities such as eating and sleeping, going to work or running a business, attending school and doing homework, househ

  30. Some People Believe That If Children’s Leisure Activities Are Not Educational, They Are a Waste of Time. Discuss What Do U Think?

    How children should utilize their leisure time is an issue which is discussed these days among people,some believe that the activities should be educational while others support giving children freedom to choose. Some teachers and parents have strong opinions about educational activities in childh