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60 Free Essays on Worst Job I Ever Had

  1. The Worst Job I Ever Had

    Djessi R Traore ENG 100 Essay 2 Ms. Ariot March 15th, 2011 The Worst Job I Ever Had A year ago, I decided to look for a job. I found some job openings in Queens, and one of them caught my eyes. It was a 99 cent store on Liberty Avenues in Queens. I got the job, and I was a sales cler

  2. The Worst Job I Ever Had

    THE WORST JOB I EVER HAD As a teenager I had many goals for my job in mind in the future. So I have known that only the education could help me to accomplish my goals, and I decided to pursue college degree. In order to reach that, I had to find a part-time job for myself. In the first time, I cou

  3. The Worst Job I Ever Had

    The worst job I ever had Many of us have to go through different hurdles in our life and one among those is having the worst job. All of us have to work in this world and the jobs that we get may not be the best job that we like. “All things are difficult before they are easy” (Ful

  4. The Worst Job Ever

    The Worst Job Ever I wake up early to a loud alarm clock telling me it's time to start another day. I groan, roll over, and try to get another ten minutes rest in. I proceed to make my coffee, and then wishfully glance at the calendar to see if its any closer to Friday. All this stalling and f

  5. The Worst Job I Have Ever Experienced!

    As a teenager I had decided that I wanted to pursue a college degree after I graduated high school, but I knew that my parents could not afford to pay for it. Therefore, I ended up joining the Pennsylvania Army National Guard at the age of seventeen to help pay for my college tuition. Previously, I

  6. The Worst Job

    The Worst Job I Have Ever Experienced! As a teenager I had decided that I wanted to pursue a college degree after I graduated high school, but I knew that my parents could not afford to pay for it. Therefore, I ended up joining the Pennsylvania Army National Guard at the age of seventeen to help

  7. War Brings Out the Best and Worst

    (Essay done on novel: The Wars) War brings out the best and worst. War brings out the best - and the worst - in human nature. Of course it does. There is no doubt about it. War is clearly a test of human nature. We have war heroes and we have war criminals and we also have war cowar

  8. Rich and Poor Participation for Ever Green

    The Rich and Poor Participation for "Ever Green" There is a beautiful phrase saying "ever green" , this words are used for whom who are always up to the mark. Our mother nature is suffering, not only we are damaging it but also ignoring its future which lies on our future. These sever

  9. Finding Teaching Job

    INSIDE SECRETS OF Finding a Teaching Job SECOND EDITION The Most Effective Search Methods for Both New and Experienced Educators Jack Warner and Clyde Bryan with Diane Warner Inside Secrets of Finding a Teaching Job, Second Edition © 2003 by JIST Publishing, Inc. Published by JI

  10. Job Application

    Respectfully addressed to Citigroup Company, I’m Dang Thi Thuy Trang, and I found myself increasingly excited about these job opportunities of your company. By getting information from the recruitment placed on Tuoi Tre Daily Newspaper, I found that one of the Representative Offices of Citigr

  11. I Hate My Job

    It's bad when a person goes to a job that they hate so much. Well for me I go to a job everyday that I hate. Working at Autozone has been the worst experience for me. I have to do my work and others work too, I have to work on the weekends, and last my co-workers are always in my personal busines

  12. The Best Colleague I Ever Worked with

    I chose to speak on the topic The Best or Worst person I ever worked with. It required me to take a good look at my work history. So far, I have been fortunate to work with good people and for good management as a whole. One manager; however, stands out in my mind as superlative and worthy of the

  13. Ever Since I Can Remember....

    Ever since I can remember, I was Alex P. Keaton. For those not as old as me, Alex was a character portrayed by a very young Michael J. Fox on a 80's sitcom called "Family Ties". Fox portrays a young boy in his early teens with an unparalleled knowledge of government and business for his age. Not to

  14. A Dead-End Job

    About two and half years ago, I started a job at Jack in the Box. I was hired as a cashier, and was eventually cross trained to work in every area of the restaurant. As I worked there, more and more responsibilities were placed on me. After a year of employment with this company, I applied for a man

  15. Popularity of Robinson Crusoe

    Losing My Religion A quiet wind rustled the leaves scattered under the trees as Father McBride stood patiently outside the chapel doors, occasionally glancing from left to right. He was awaiting the beginning of Sunday morning mass, the most popular ceremony of the week. Even the most feeble pens

  16. My worst job

     My Worst Job One of my first jobs I ever had was being a bus boy for a pub and grill in my hometown of Dixon, CA. my cousin worked there at the time and got me the job. I was 15 at the time I got the job and was super excited. Little did I know this job would become a nightmare. It was...

  17. A Hole in the Heart

    The title is somewhat difficult to understand, but give me a couple of paragraphs and you will understand why I chose this title. The problem I would like to debate today is the threat of global warming. I’ve research this problem for about two weeks already. Do not get the wrong idea about thi

  18. Episodic Critism of the South

    Mark Twain was a great American writer at the end of Reconstruction. His views on the south were strong and very critical in many areas. He uses six episodes in his novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to display his critiques of southern society. Twain attacks the southern aristocracy, religion

  19. Worst Job

    Edwin Santiago My Worst Job 9/18/2011 As a teenager I decided to pursue a college degree after I earned my G.E.D, but I knew that my parents could not afford to pay for it . Therefore ,I ended up joining the Connecticut Army National Guard at the age of nineteen to help pay for m

  20. Missing

    I am a Grade 8 student. It all started when i was born. Born in a filthy old run-down hospital, with no real doctors. I don't even know why it was legal. Anyways... while I was inside of my mom, the doctors said I would probably be deaf, or have a 'major bad' birth defect or be blind my whole

  21. Worst job

    A couple years ago I was not doing much after graduating. I was trying to pass a tragedy. My uncle, a friend, and I got into a wreck and they both got severally heart, but I did not. Trying to get passed this I started call people that I knew seeing if I could get a job. After a...

  22. The Most Disturbing Place I Have Ever Been to

    Earl Smith III Professor Vining English 1301 February 5, 2012 The Most Disturbing Place I Have Ever Been To Going to jail was no fun. It started off with a police officer placing me in handcuffs. The handcuffs were so tight that my hands went numb. Then I took a long ride in the back of a

  23. Hmmmm

    Almost every day of my life I am bombarded with concepts that are sometimes so incredible, my jaw drops and I am left in dazed wonderment. Sometimes the things I learn are so "out there" that I ask myself "why?" Three things that I always felt were inexplicable was the rise of the neo-Nazi party

  24. Worst Coach

    Worst Coach Paper The worst coach I have had was the offensive line coach I had at my old high school in Sanger when I played football there. I will tell you about him he was a coach who didn’t respect the kids he was a coach who thought he had the say so in everything that went on durin

  25. Violence in America..Will It Ever End?

    Today in St. Paul two people were murdered. It has been reported that the two were fighting with a third party about a phone call that was made. The suspect is in custody and the case is under investigation," a reporter in the ten o'clock news reports. "Spouse and child abuse are on the rise. This y

  26. 12 Worst Hair Conditioners

    12 Worst Hair Conditioners Total Beauty – Thu, 22 Mar, 2012 12:03 PM EDT Email Print While some women commit their lives to rearing children, establishing their career, or finding the perfect male specimen to marry, I've dedicated the majority of my life to one mission: Finding a...

  27. Most Difficult Question During Job Interview

    Tough question No. 1: "Tell me about yourself." * “Hello "Good Afternoon" a pleasure to meet you. I’m Junrey Mendez, but my friends call me "jay". I previously worked as toll teller, merchandiser, bagger, production crew. I am a second child of Mr. & Mrs. Isidro Mendez. Graduate of Asst

  28. How to Stop Being Your Worst Critic

    How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic Page 1 of 17 The Creative Instinct © Andrew Leigh 2007 How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic By Andrew Leigh 7 brilliant techniques to stop beating yourself up, embrace your Healthy Self Critic and produce your best creative work again & again. H

  29. The Best Advice I Have Ever Given to Anybody

    Every since I remember, my brother was a trouble child, he always had an attitude problem , he was always mad at the world , and because this he was constantly getting in trouble at school at work and as he grew up with his relationships. I always observed him and stood quiet, to me it was no

  30. Worst Job

    My Worst Job Can you imagine a workplace where you are constantly being discriminated against because you are a female? Can you imagine being verbally abused during your entire shift? How would you feel if the treatment of the individual co-workers was unfair and female biased? My current job a