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World History covers all things related to world events and history. World History includes all events that do not relate to the United States. From Mesopotamia all the way to the Greek crisis, chances are you’ll find it here.

  1. Slaughter House

    Slaughter House The word genocide was derived from “Lemkin [who] combined the Greek words geno, meaning “race or tribe” with the Latin derivative cide, which means, “to kill” (Valentino 9). When most people hear the term genocide, the Holocaust is normally the first thing that comes to mind,

  2. The Story of the Spanish Inquistion

    Shaina Wheeler Honors English 11-1 Mrs. Schoech 10 February 2009 The Story of the Spanish Inquisition In the late 15th century King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ran Spain. They believed in purifying their country and with help from Pope Sixtus IV they achieved it. At first Spain struggled

  3. Jay Gatsby's Only True Love

    In many successful novels, one characters love or obsession with another, often times leads to their success, their failure, and sometimes both successes and failures. In F. Scott Fitzgeralds great american novel, The Great Gatsby, we see that Jay Gatsby's ;ove for Daisy Buchananleads to his

  4. Modern Art

    Assignment 2 - Formal analysis of Henri Matisse's The Open Window, Collioure The Open Window, Collioure was painted in 1905 by Henri Matisse and is oil on canvas painting. This piece is an example of the fauvist style that Matisse had become famous for. Fauvism was not really

  5. Nagasaki - the Big Decision

    The Big Decision I-Introduction Although atomic bombs have only been used twice in a real life war situation, everybody knows how devastating, ravaging, and destructive one single A-bomb can be. During the sad and chaotic times of WWII, the speed of development of new technologies

  6. The Indian Revolution During the American Revolution

    21h.001 How to Stage a Revolution Essay 1 rewrite The Indian Revolution during the American Revolution Unlike most revolutions in history the events that took place in north America from 1775 to 1783 did not involve just two competing groups of people. On one side was the British Empire

  7. Literatura

    Contenido El "Boom" de la novela y el latino americanismo de los sesenta "América Latina no quiere ni tiene por qué ser un alfil sin albedrío, ni tiene nada de quimérico que sus designios de independencia y originalidad se conviertan en una aspiración occidental". –Gabriel García Márquez

  8. Great American Past Time

    Dan Mello Engliwrit 112-13 April 25, 2008 The Great American Past Time Baseball has not only been a part of American, and Latin American history, but also Japanese. Japanese players never went through the hardships that African American or Latin players had to endure in order to

  9. History of People

    Den rörliga människan. Det är en stor möjlighet här i världen att kunna röra sig och flytta till andra platser. Det är en väldigt bra sak. Med tanke på att arbetslösheten minskar, man blir mer sysselsatt, och man har även större chans att hitta en bostad. Det finns även mindre bra saker

  10. Toussaint Louverture

    Toussaint-Louverture Written in a time of unrest and strong prejudice, this speech made by a white abolitionist, Wendell Phillips spoke out to provide an example of what a just and righteous Negro can accomplish, even when, faced by strong white powers. He speaks of General and Leader

  11. Giovanni Bellini's Madonna and Child

    Giovanni Bellini’s Madonna and Child: An Analysis [pic] In the early fifteenth to mid sixteenth centuries, Italy was divided into several political sections. These political areas housed some of the most notable Italian Renaissance painters. During this era, Europe

  12. History Final

    In the 16th Century West Africa had very interesting things that occurred at the time. The main views will be their Culture, Village Slavery, Religion, and Music. West Africa has a total of 16 countries which are Toga, Benin, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and many more. As we all know

  13. The Spartan City-State

    ------------- ------------- Mrs. Roberts World Civilizations A 08/26/08 The Spartan City-State The Spartan city-state is arguably the most well known and popularized of the Greek city-states. The Spartan city-state started out like most other Greek civilizations, growing to the point of

  14. Black British Contibution in Literature as a Result of British Society Treatment

    ABSTRACT In Britain, literature is considered as the most prestigious form of arts. It is prestigious because it is the subject of adaptation and further experiment in making a film, theatre, plays, and television series. Literary changes mainly occurred around the nineteenth centuries and

  15. Jerks

    The African American Culture and its impact on Canadian Culture and Identity Initially, slaves were separated from other slaves that spoke their language and taught English in order to assimilate them with the whites in hopes that they would forget their language, history and identity. By

  16. The Abolition Movement

    History 201-005 April 13, 2009 Abolition Movement In the 1830’s America was in need of social change. Education needed to be improved, alcohol consumption was causing problems within households, and various other issues needed to be solved. African Americans and women were still inferior

  17. Kite Runner: How Does Hosseini Portray the Events of Chapter Seven Successfully and Effectively?

    How Does Hosseini portray the events of Chapter Seven Successfully and Effectively? Fist of all, the readers senses are already heightened because the winter of 1975 has finally arrived, we know something hugely significant is going to happen very soon. We also know how important today is to

  18. Would the Boers Have Lost the Second Boer War If the British Did Not Make Use of Concentration Camps?

    Would the Boers have lost the Second Boer War if the British did not make use of concentration camps? Introduction The second Boer War also known as the Anglo Boer War which started in October 1899 and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Vereenigingin in May 1902, the war was between the

  19. Partition of Bengal

    The Partition of Bengal in 1905, was made on October 16, by then Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. Partition was promoted for administrative regions; Bengal was as large as France but with a significantly larger population. The eastern region was thought to be neglected and under-governed. By

  20. The Crisis of the 1780s, the Aristocratic Revolt and the Origins of the French Revolution

    The Crisis of the 1780s, The Aristocratic Revolt and the Origins of the Revolution The 1780s saw a deepening of the fiscal crisis of the French monarchy. French involvement in the American war of independence may have assuaged the humiliations France had felt as a result of defeats in the

  21. Why Did Ww1 Brakeout in 1914 ???

    Why did World War 1 breakout in 1914 ? Sources say there are approximately five reasons, why war actually started. In order they are, Militarism, Imperialism, Nationalism, Alliances and the Murder of Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo on the 28th June 1914. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia

  22. Alpha Company's Cost Budgets

    Alpha Co. Sales Budget For the 3 months ended 2010 | | | | | Oct | | Nov | | Dec | Units | | 700 | | 600 | | 800 | | | times | | times | | times | Units selling price | 20 | | 20 | | 20 | | | | | | | | Budgeted sales | 14000 | | 12000 | | 16000 | | | |

  23. Point of View Analysis

    Joe Esposito 11-22-10 History POV Analysis Doc. 2 ~This was written by a female scientist. One thing that seems normal for an educated woman is that she desires for other women to be educated. But, she also feels it may not be a woman’s place to teach. Being a woman

  24. Tabula Rasa

    -1 Nature versus nurture is an age old debate that pre-dates most other philosophical fundamentals. A particularly harried topic, that only the most revered intellectual figures of our past have dared to attack. To suggest that humans are born with or without morals, or that we are all driven

  25. The Sumatran Mentawai Islands Earthquake

    October 25 2010, Occurred A 7.7 magnitude of earthquake under the sea in The west coast of Sumatra Mentawai Islands,Indonesia, The Earthquake triggered a tsunami hit totally 27 villages, 6 villages were destroy in a devastating damage, only a few survived. As of press time, the tsunami has

  26. Food in History

    The restaurant of my choice is an organic restaurant called Crust Eat Real. It is located in Chicago, off the corner of Damen St. and Division Ave. in the Wicker Park area. Crust Eat Real has been in business for about 3 years. The cuisine in the menu are described to be very delicious,

  27. Global Essay

    Emill Pelaez 11/22/2010

  28. The Casino at Marino

    Choose a medieval or early modern archaeological site/monument in your home place and write an essay on it, discussing its context. The Casino at Marino, meaning little house of pleasure by the sea, is a Neo-classical building on the north side of Dublin. The neo-classical movement began in

  29. The History of English Literature

    In English literature, the definition of literature has changed many times, usually in response to historical and cultural realities. It is not surprising that at a time in which the digital has started to eclipse print—the main medium for literature for 400 years—we find the former definitions

  30. The Price of Blood

    The Price of Blood Thomas Noble’s the Price of Blood is one of the most symbolic paintings in the Morris Museum of Art. At first glance there isn’t much going on, but when you take a step back and really examine the painting you will see there is a much bigger story being told. The