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World History covers all things related to world events and history. World History includes all events that do not relate to the United States. From Mesopotamia all the way to the Greek crisis, chances are you’ll find it here.

  1. Richard Iii

    Explain the threats hat Richard III faced during his reign With the sons of Edward IV debarred from inheriting the throne, Clarence's son, the Earl of Warwick, was next in line, but there was no doubt in anyone's mind who would now be king. On 25 and 26 June, he at first apparently declined,

  2. The Know Nothing Party

    Immigration and the know nothing party CH 13 Immigration has always made an impact on American society just as it still is in our nation today. But what’s hard for many to understand is that free immigration is an aspect of what our nation was founded on. Immigration as for global economic

  3. Romeo and Juliet Notes

    Romeo and Juliet At the beginning of the play, Samson and Gregory (Capulets) are walking in the market and a fight breaks out between then and some Montagues. Benvolio tries to stop the fighting by saying that the Prince has forbidden any more brawls. Tybalt arrives and the fighting worsens.

  4. Pyramids of Giza

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  5. Violent Anger

    Fury  The word is a noun. Fury: Violent anger Synonym: rage Antonym: calm Furies Three goddesses of vengeance: Tisiphone (avenger of murder), Megaera (the jealous) and Alecto (constant anger). They were also called the Daughters of

  6. The Roman Colosseum - Paper

    Roman Gladiators From stick fighting, to machine guns, fighting has always been a part of the human nature to fight when you are mad, upset, or forced. Most humans have always enjoyed watching these fights. Here we are in Rome, in the Coliseum, gladiators battling to the death, or defeat.

  7. The Battle of Pashendaele

    In 1916 canadian troops were seeing action throughout the western front,(wich stretched from north belgium to the rhine river in the east). Canadians at this time had earned a reputation for being agressive in battle. The battle of vimy ridge is know today as one of the greatest battles in

  8. Arguments of the Confederate State to America

    Essay Two – What arguments did the Confederate States have of America make to support their constitutional right to succeed? Known as the deadliest conflict to have taken place on American soil, the Civil War lasted from April 12th, 1861 to April 9th, 1865. Quoted at six hundred and twenty

  9. Pol Pot: the Man Who Brought Cambodia to Its Knees

    Between 1975 and 1979 the country of Cambodia was brought to its knees by the man the world came to know as Pol Pot. A deceptive intelligent leader that would let nothing stand in his way to becoming one of the world’s most ruthless dictators in history. In his four years of power he brought a

  10. Government: Protect the Peace and Carry Out Its Policies

    Government enables a society to protect the peace and carry out its policies. Government is a body that has the power to make and enforce laws within an organization or group. In the broadest sense, government means to manage or supervise, whether over an area of land, a set of people,

  11. History of Polytheism

    History polytheism { Does polytheism religions give more hope and are more specific?} There have been many polytheistic religions over the ancient period and have developed to a certain extent to our modern day life, some classic examples of polytheism is Indian, Greek and Egyptian

  12. Chernobyl and Nuclear Radiation


  13. Torture 8

    Stephen Hilger 12/9/08 Killoran, Period 7 Middle Age Research Project Broken On the Wheel Torture was a brutal and hideous form of punishment for criminals which was used very often in the middle ages. In order to keep order in society during the middle ages without the uses of police

  14. Inauguration

    English Essay - Inauguration Mrs. Jones Jan. 22, 2009 Review the 2009 Inauguration Each American citizen has their own opinion on the Inaugural speech that President Obama gave on January 20, 2009. I felt like president Obama gave a wonderful speech. In his speech he talks about how

  15. Perfect Steak

    Wolfgang's Perfect Steak Posted Fri, Aug 24, 2007, 2:54 pm PDT POST A COMMENT » Every August my parents would declare "the summer's over." I was not a fan of this proclamation and have since vowed to stretch out the summer as long as humanly possible. If we're always focused on the next

  16. Brazilian Government and Politics

    Government and politics The Brazilian Federation is based on the union of three autonomous political entities: the States, the Municipalities and the Federal District.[13] A fourth entity originated in the aforementioned association: the Union.[13] There is no hierarchy among the political

  17. Limp Noodle

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  18. French Revolution Essay

    Thomas Valerio Global 10H French Revolution Essay A revolution is defined as a drastic and far-reaching change in the ways of thinking and behaving. The French revolution of 1789 was a radical change which consisted of many aspects that altered the French government, economy, and

  19. Links Between Cross-Border Migration, Trafficking and Sexuality.

    This essay sets out to explore the relationship between cross-border migration, trafficking and sexuality within selected countries throughout Southeast Asia. In doing so, while establishing that each of the activities is an independently definable and practicable phenomenon, this essay

  20. The Man That Will Be Remembered Forever

    Research Paper Napoleon Bonaparte is a man that will be remembered forever. He revolutionized France with all of his reforms and changes. Although known for being strictly military based, he has a plan to change France for the better. Napoleon was one of France's most influential people ever

  21. World War One - Essay 6

    Trenches where basically long holes that where just deep enough to cover the height of your body. The main purpose of digging these trenches was to supply reasonable cover form enemy fire. The trenches where often not in the best shape. The sides of these trenches often collapsed inwards

  22. Cholas

    The Chola Dynasty (Tamil: சோழர் குலம், IPA: ['ʧoːɻə]) was a Tamil dynasty that ruled primarily in southern India until the 13th century. The dynasty originated in the fertile valley of the Kaveri River. Karikala Chola was the most famous among the early Chola kings, while Aditya I, Parantaka I,

  23. African- American Slavery

    Introduction The history of African American is largely a part of American History that particularly described the Black American ethnic group in the United States. Many Black Americans are the offspring of enslaved Africans held in the United States from the years 1619 up to 1865 (Berlin,

  24. Nazis

    HOW DID THE NAZI PARTY MAINTAIN POWER IN 1933-1939? Before 1933, Germany had been ruled as a democracy where there were different political parties voted for by the people, civil rights – trial by jury and freedom of speech. In the years that followed Hitler’s

  25. Crisis in Nation Building

    Nation-building is a vague concept that means different things to different people in different situations and conditions. The latest general rule is the definition that essentially one nation are those in which dysfunctional or unstable or "failed states" or economies are given assistance

  26. The Expression of Antelami and the Unknown

    The fall of the Roman Empire triggered a sudden transition with sculptures pertaining to the Romanesque period. The use of the stone medium became most prominent along with the architectural advancements in style and construction. Considering the immense amount of relief sculptures on

  27. De Las Casas

    Adam Birli One theme from chapter 5 could be hardship. It is of no surprise that slaves were treated badly, but to be tortured is just wrong. The slaves would be beaten for everything they did wrongly, such as spilling water, breaking something, or not doing the job good enough. The beatings

  28. Pax Romana

    The term ‘peace’ as applied by Augustus in the given inscription, is used in a way that is meant to glorify him exceedingly. But is it really true that “the whole human race” was in peace under his rule? Well, the answer to this will be given in the following essay. First of all I will give a

  29. The Question of Scientific Determinism

    Religious views The question of scientific determinism gave rise to questions about Einstein's position on theological determinism, and whether or not he believed in a God. In 1929, Einstein told Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein "I believe in Spinoza's God, who reveals Himself in the lawful harmony

  30. The City Multicultural of North Vancouver

    CANADIAN STUDIES FINAL ESSAY “The City of North Vancouver and it attributes that make this one of the greatest places in the world” The City of North Vancouver is a waterfront municipality located in the province of British Columbia, Canada; it is separated from Vancouver by the