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Philosophy is the study of problems such as reality, existence, reason etc. Here you can also find information on famous Philosophers, literature on philosophy and more.

  1. P5 Everything

    Visit 1 observation Date: 1st November 2013 Age: 4years old Time: 1:30pm- 2:15pm Place of visit: Molly’s house People present: Molly’s mother and granddad. I arrived at Mollys house at 1:30pm. Molly greeted me saying “Hello” and ran into the living room where all her arts and craft

  2. Ethical Language

    The Philosopher R.M. Hare came up with the idea of prescriptivism and what he meant by this basically was that other people should agree with a statement and follow it due to ethical statements having an intrinsic sense. The role of ethical statements is to say what ‘ought’ to be done and such

  3. Freedom in a Prepared Environment

    FREEDOM IN THE PREPARED ENVIRONMENT. The Montessori Method of education is often referred to as "education for life"(Absorbent Chapter 2, p.9). The Montessori environment is designed to facilitate the development of the child's independence and sense of personal empowerment. “There is in a

  4. devide by two

    Divide by Two By Francisco Arcellana • RISING ACTION Belle and his husband (the speaker), saw their neighbor setting down a line of adobe blocks across the lawn between their cottages. She told her husband that the neighbor’s wife does not like her and asks her husband to do

  5. pm 571 riordan week 3

    Riordan Manufacturing Project Management Plan According to Techopedia (2014), “a project plan is a formal document designed to guide the control and execution of a project”. It is also the “key to a successful project and it the most important document that needs to be created when starting

  6. Religious experience is just an "obsessional neurosis". Discus

    Question: Religious Experience is just an "obsessional neurosis". 30 marks Sigmund Freud openly stated that Religious experience is merely an "obsessional neurosis" that cushions us from the harsh realities we face in our day to day lives. He believed that when in need of comfort people have

  7. human language and animal language

    The difference between human language and animal language For a long time, language has always been seen as the preserve of people and used as a criteria to differentiate human and animal. But look at that what is language for. It fulfills two functions: it tells us about things and it

  8. culture

    Assessment 6- Story book   Sebastian Mari 000917043  07/04/2015 WHO AM I My name is Anthony I am now 18 years old These days I spend most of my time at the beach. This is my favourite place to be, surfing with my friends, or even by myself. Out here I feel free, free

  9. Cosmic Education in Montessori environment

    Cosmic Education: The Heart of the Montessori Elementary Classroom cos•mic 1. Of or relating to the universe, especially as distinct from Earth. 2. Infinitely or inconceivably extended; vast. Dr. Montessori recognized that all of science and history tell portions of the same story: the

  10. miracls

    My thoughts on Religious Experiences A Religious experience can be split into two separate definitions, these are direct religious experiences and indirect religious experiences. A direct experience is when one encounters God in a direct way e.g. Saul meeting the risen Jesus on the road to

  11. Butler Ethics

    How convincing are Butler’s claims that people have an innate sense of right and wrong. [35] Since humans have had the ability to reason and reflect, we have often questioned the difference between man and animal. Butler claims that being human involves being moral, that ‘there is a principle

  12. Miracles

    Miracles One of the difficulties about discussing miracles is the problem of definition- there is no agreement about what word 'miracle' means or what can be considered a miracle. Various definitions by philosophers have been suggested: 1) a miracle is an event which violates the laws of

  13. Explain and Discuss Humes Contribution to the Argument of Free Will

    explain and discuss Hume’s contribution to the free will argument The Enlightenment The Enlightenment was to be the beginning of David Hume as we know him today. The Enlightenment was a period during the 18th century, one of great realisation on and increasing freedom, especially the

  14. Classical Traditions of Education

    Individual Essay Question: Choose any one chapter from the textbook. What are some insights you have gained and how do they help you to be a better educator? (Chapter 1 – Classical Traditions of Education: Socrates and Confucius) The Classical teachings of education from educational

  15. The Uniqueness of Individuals

    Existentialism is philosophical movement or tendency, emphasizing individual existence, freedom, and choice. It emphasizes the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses responsibility for

  16. Explain and Evaluate Plato's Views on Division of Labour.

    Division of labour is fundamental to Plato's political thought, and his views on this subject reveal both its strengths and its weaknesses. Since justice in the state is defined as "properly keeping one's own and doing one's own job" (IV, 434), it is essential that "one's own job" is properly

  17. Sophocles Antigone Steadfast Love and Sexuality

    Sophocles's Antigone: Steadfast Faith and The Sexuality of a Woman Sophocles's Antigone¸ is a great Greek tragedy, a beautifully written play and an universal play. Marriage, bearing of children and their sexuality were the few things that a woman in Ancient Greece had control of.

  18. Courage

    Both men and woman have intentions and act, so both are capable of virtue. Virtue ethics as a theory of morality has existed, most notably, since Aristotle. Courage is one such virtue and to display this persons need to experience fear and perceive danger. The circumstances surrounding an

  19. Final Paper

    According to Fernandez Arnesto in Truth, there exists four ways of the pursuit of knowledge: Feeling, authority, rationality, and empiricism. Feeling accordingly is the truth we feel inside whether it is a gut feeling or an instinct. Authority is obtaining truth from a person with access to a

  20. How Do You Define Success

    How Do You Define Success? It's a word we use constantly. Authors of self-help books use it in their titles all the time. If you are a human being with any kind of goal or project, you want it. But what does it actually mean? How do we define success? We may all want success, but we don't

  21. Narcissism of the American Dream

    Grayson Soldahl 12 December 2008 Selflessness Died With Jesus: Narcissism of The American Dream, Portrayed Through The Great Gatsby and A Raisin in the Sun A father has this goal: to make money, to be successful, to succeed. But while he works so hard to achieve this goal, he shuns his

  22. The Collisions of Actions and Beliefs

    Richard AmponsahProfessor C. SibilinCult. Diversity 2106 June 2009Essay 2 Defense on Socrates There are times in every mans life where our actions and beliefs collide. These collisions are known as contradictions. There are endless instances in which we

  23. What Is Wrong with Relativism

    What Is Wrong With Relativism? Relativism is a philosophical theory asserting a form of truth. Yet it only asserts truth relative to the individual, or to a particular time or culture, or both. It is the idea that some elements or aspects of experience or culture are relative to, or

  24. Types of Ethics and Their Corresponding Theories

    University Of Phoenix Material ETHICS THEORIES TABLE Directions: Fill in the brief definitions and sub-theories of each ethical theory, and match the real-world examples listed below the table to the corresponding theories. Finally, come up with your own workplace example that fits each

  25. The Universal Language of Love

    Something that you can find anywhere around the world in any circumstances, no matter what person, place or thing is love. It is usually describe as the universal language of love; it is well defined as a way to communicate ideas or feelings of strong affection or attraction, limitlessly

  26. Mitos de La Creacion

    CAOS, GEA, URANO, CRONOS, ZEUS, DIONISOS-ZAGREO Y LA HUMANIDAD. En este mito se nos expone que todo surgió de un ser primero, Caos, quien creó a Gea y de ella a su vez surgió Urano. Y de la participación de Urano y Gea surgen las plantas, animales (de todo tipo), los ríos y los mares. Gea

  27. Peer Pressure

    Puppet Script Peer Pressure Characters: Simon, Sammy, Rachel, Rocky, Whiskers, Blue Fuzzy Props: kids blue jeans, pots and pans, Dixie cups with water, 2 bubble wands and bubble machine Simon: ‘Hi boys and girls. Hey, Sammy come on up here. Are you late again?’

  28. The Interplay of Powers

    The interplay of powers and influence within the state remains to be a significant instrument shaping domestic policies. In here, the dynamics that happen among politicians create the necessary framework for change that then outlines the relevant parameters shaping and honing the way rules and

  29. Vegetarianism

    Wallert 1 Amanda Wallert Eng 122 Informative Research Paper April 8, 2010 Vegetarianism or Meat Eating Vegetarianism has become a trend that seems to be increasing in our society today. Many people wonder what it is and why would someone choose this lifestyle over eating

  30. Free Will Defense

    The Free Will Defense In Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions, God is seen as a powerful being that only wants to do good things for the human race and the universe and has foreknowledge about everything that will happen and everybody’s futures. Still, many argue that God cannot exist