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Philosophy is the study of problems such as reality, existence, reason etc. Here you can also find information on famous Philosophers, literature on philosophy and more.

  1. Evaluate the Strengths and Weaknesses of Reason as a Way of Knowing.

    Reason involves the ability to think, understand and draw conclusions in an abstract way. It is a way of knowing in which we construct meanings together through modifying and improving individual opinions and ideas, in order to reach a logical and plausible conclusion. In other words, it is

  2. Sfda

    16 Worst Listening habits Effective Listening 10/26/08 Jake Shonka When I was at the volleyball game I sat behind two guys that had several conversations about things like sports, food and school. I found many of the worst habits in these conversations too. The first conversation was a lot

  3. Signs and Wonders

    A students perspective Signs and wonders All through time Could make anyone Question the meaning of existence. I’m am not talking about the odd singleton But rather the united force of evil The harlots The sinners The ghouls Demons And the gargoyles Their existence is based

  4. The Idea of the Form

    All the forms in the universe derive their being from a source which stands above them, and according to Plato, this is called “The Form of the Good”. This source can not be neither a source of a being and knowledge, nor be a being and knowledge. That’s why Plato says that the Good is beyond

  5. Glaucon's Challenge and Plato's Theory of Justice

    Plato’s Republic focuses on one particular question: is it better to be just or unjust? Thrasymachus introduces this question in book I by suggesting that justice is established as an advantage to the stronger, who may act unjustly, so that the weak will “act justly” by serving in their

  6. Microbiology 106: Viral Infections

    Microbiology 106 Viral infections: blood, lymph, GI, nervous GI viruses General similarities: often hard to discern from bacterial GI infections diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever, cramps, headache, aches, dehydration dehydration is usually primary concern, esp. for elderly &

  7. Marxism Philosophy and Modern Communism

    Marx/Marxism Karl Marx is known as one of the great intellects of our time. His philosophies rejected the concept of Western democracy because he alleged that they enforced selfishness and competitiveness among all. Over one third of the world’s population follows Marx’s theories,

  8. How Does Breton Develop the Philosophy of Surrealism in His Written Work?

    1. How does Breton develop the philosophy of Surrealism in his written work? The French philosopher Andre Breton (1896-1966) can be said to be the pioneer of the Surrealist movement, originating as the accepted descendant of “Dadaism”. “Dadaism” was the powerful rebellion of artists who rose

  9. Golden Age of Pericles

    9/13/2008 Plato Ethical Realist Ethical Objectivist Ethical Absolutist Pericles (Περικλῆς) c. 495 – 429 B.C.E. Pericles Golden Age of Pericles 1 9/13/2008 Ancient Athens The Acropolis with Parthenon Parthenon Parthenon Detail of Parthenon 2 9/13/2008

  10. The Right to Exist in a Relationship with More Than Two Individuals in Western Society

    The Right to exist in a Relationship with more than Two Individuals in Western Society The laws and popular views in western society state that polyamory, a marriage between more than two individuals, is illegal. I will defend that polyamory and relationships involving more that two

  11. Mädchen

    Aufsatz: Mit Mädchen gibt es nur Probleme, aber ohne sie ist es total langweilig! In diesem Aufsatz erkläre Ich beide Aspekte über Mädchen. Warum Mädchen so irritierend sind und anderseits warum Mächen auch wunderbar und interessant sind. In der Schule können Mädchen sehr irritierend

  12. Appearance and Reality

    Bertrand Russel Appearance and reality Throughout history many people have asked if there is any knowledge in the world that in so certain that it can’t have any possible doubt. Betrand Russel states his pinions in his article about appearance and reality. In it he states that we must

  13. Hitler and the Nazi State: Power and Control

    UNIT 6 PAPER 5b: HITLER AND THE NAZI STATE: POWER AND CONTROL 1933-1939 1. The Legacy of the Weimar government in explaining initial support for Nazi regime: acceptance of, and support for, Nazi rule among different social, economic and religious groups ▪ Germany became a Parliamentary

  14. Philo

    D-ONE TIMES Volume 1, Issue 1 July, 2008 D-ONE soccer tournament On their first annual soccer tournament, D-ONE which most of us know as one of the hottest rap Creole group in the state, with the vision of their young talented CEO, singer, producer, song writer and not to forget, an

  15. Brief on Constitution, State & Related Terms

    Brief on Constitution, State & related terms [Daniel Berhane] 1.Constitution, Constitutionalism, Constitutional Government The root word of constitution, ‘constitute’ means ‘comprise, make up, order, or form’. The constitution of a given political system can be a single written document,

  16. Athens vs. Socrates

    Was Athens justified in sending Socrates to Trial? I believe Athens was not justified in sending Socrates to trial. They sent him to trial on the accusations of studying the heavens and below the earth, making a weaker argument appear stronger, corrupting the youth and being an atheist.

  17. Gross National Happiness

    Quality of Education Introduction The Meaning of Education It is very difficult to define the term education. Its aims and the purposes are rich and varied. Many educationists define education as the process of educating or teaching. Educate is further defined as "to develop the

  18. Great Philosophers

    Socrates most famous quote is “The unexamined life is not worth living.” To Socrates life was not simply to be lived or by blindly following primal instincts, and popular convictions. The good life is a life that questions everything through self-examination, contemplation, and open-minded

  19. What

    Developing a Statement of Ethics Roderick F. Dewar IT Organizational Behavior December 13, 2010 Mark Paxton Abstract This paper will discuss the personal ethics that are important while attending a college or university. The six main core values will be outlined and

  20. Political Artical

    WikiLeaks Exposes the Secret Dealings of the Empire, Washington Hits Back Written by Mike Palacek Thursday, 09 December 2010 [pic][pic] [pic][pic][pic] In the last year, the world’s governments have been rattled by several major leaks of secret documents through the WikiLeaks website. First

  21. London - Summary 3

    “London is a capital of Great Britain, its political, economical and cultural center. It is situated in the south-east part of England …” That was the way I used to tell about London since my early school years. The major things, the well-known facts, names and stories. Nothing more… Not even

  22. Ontilogical Argument

    Question A St. Anselm was most famous for the production of his “Ontilogical argument”. This ontological argument was Anselm’s explination and reasoning for God’s existence. There are actually two versions of this argument in Anselm’s Proslogium. He’s believed to have said that

  23. Is a Body Something We Have or Are?

    Bodies are Things That We Have The body is a transfiguration of certain characteristics that make up a person: from the color of one’s eyes, skin, and hair, to the way someone speaks, or the way they walk. No two people are the same: we all have our distinctive traits and qualities that

  24. Personal Ethics Paper

    Personal Ethics Development Paper Trevor Jackson PHL 323 April 2, 2013 Jeffrey Wisdom Personal Ethics Development Paper ETHICAL SYSTEM and DEFINITION My ethical system started forming when I was about six. I was given a quarter for a field trip and spent it on

  25. Position Paper for Reading Teacher

    The student's in today's classroom may be technologically more advanced than previous years, but the importance of reading has remained the same. It is important because we apply our reading skills every day. Reading in today's classroom is very important and there is a lot of emphasis placed

  26. A Life Worth Living - title

    Katherine Shepherd Intro. To Philosophy Ms. Mary K. Leigh March 10, 2013 A Life worth Living Xenophon (444-357 B.C.E.), was one of Socrates (469-399 B.C.E.), students when he was a youth, and he was also Socrates Biographer. Xenophon had been gone and out of Socrates life for about 32

  27. Glaucon's Argument

    Glaucon's Argument In Book 2 of the Republic, Glaucon is passionate about finding the true meaning of what justice is. To do this he decides to praise injustice in the purest way so that Socrates will refute it and give him the meaning of justice in its purest form. Glaucon approaches the

  28. Motivation- Seven Learning Style

    The Seven Learning Styles How many ways are there to learn about a subject? According to the latest findings by several leading psychologists, there are seven specific types of learning styles. This means that in order to maximize learning advantages, you must define the type of learner that

  29. Pstmodernism

    1. Contexts of defining characteristic The main theme of Long’s[1] model of capitalist narrative is the common ground between sexual identity and truth. Marx uses the term ‘textual libertarianism’ to denote not theory per se, but pretheory. It could be said that several appropriations

  30. Philosophy on Education

    Ryan White March 13, 2013 Philosophy on Education I never was one who loved learning but I always seemed to be a fairly decent instructor. I have come to know the value of education and have a desire to instill a sense of comfort and faith in students I will come in contact with. For this