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Social Issues covers essays related to society, people and interactions among them. Social Issues have a direct impact on Economics, Society and other important components of a community.

  1. A Startling Epidemic

    A Startling Epidemic Envision a world where you can leave your doors unlocked and lost belongings returned just as they were. Now stop! This type of utopia, an impossible place, does not exist in our modern society. Karl Marx envisioned a “perfect place” that is impossible in our world because

  2. The Importance of Taking Notes

    The Importance Of Taking Notes By: Lcpl Mathew J. Shapoila Jr.: A T Tow Plt I, Matthew J. Shapoila JR., here by declare that note taking is one of the most important things you could ever do in life. It’s more important than trying to figure out a career to pursue in life. It could quite

  3. Divorce Through Mediation

    Going through a divorce or separation can be the scariest time in your life. The legal steps that need to be taken to formalize a divorce or separation, especially if minor children are involved can be even more daunting. However, the alternative to litigation to go through the legal steps

  4. The Role of Gender in Employment and Promotion in Australia

    INTRODUCTION Adam Smith and Karl Marx may have had opposing views of capitalism but they agreed on one point. Employment and work exerts a significant influence on the attitudes and behaviours that people develop (Kanter, 1977:3). Historically, over the modern era, men worked in paid

  5. Reative Freedom Versus Government Restrictions

    In this day and age, when we talk about several problems with student behaviour, most people think first of violence. Furthermore, violence is not the only serious behavioral problems in schools, such as lack of interest in learning, vandalism and stealing are perhaps the other major problems.

  6. Lord’s Resistance Army

    Lord’s Resistance Army In Uganda there is a struggle. The war there has been said to be the most neglected humanitarian emergency in the world today. Since the late 90’s, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by self acclaimed spirit medium Joseph Kony, and the Ugandan government have been

  7. Biomed Ethics

    In our class discussion, we conversed about the confidentiality of person’s diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. From what I gathered, it is law for the person infected to tell others before engaging in sexual activity or before being treated by a doctor while the doctor, if infected, is not obligated

  8. Person Waiting to Be Served

    Patiently waiting for his order (Very sad short story) | | |  Author: [pic] 56297  Category:(Discussion) Created:(3/31/2006 6:42:00 AM) | |This post has been Viewed (1156 times)

  9. Student Alcohol Abuse

    Harihar Nepal/ ENGRW101 Folsom Lake College/ Date: 02/10/09 Student Alcohol Abuse Student alcohol abuse has become a challenging issue in this 21st century. Yet, most of the students even do not know about alcohol in general and what exactly it does to their bodies. Furthermore,

  10. Talking Race

    Talking Race This discussion article is by Dallas Morning News columnists Steve Blow and James Ragland. The two columnists discuss the controversy over an editorial cartoon that has been interpreted as comparing President Barack Obama to a pet chimpanzee that turned on its owner and was

  11. Names and Stereotypes

    Names & Stereotypes I have been called and labeled many different names throughout my short lifetime. I have been labeled a sister to my brother and sister. I have been labeled a daughter to my parents. I have also been labeled a grand daughter to my grandparents. I embrace all of these

  12. China and India Political and Economical Structures

    The People’s Republic of China and the Republic of India: Comparing and Contrasting Political and Economic Structures I. Introduction: In a political perspective “The People’s Republic of China” and the “Republic of India” are from diverse dimensions in which China is mostly dominated

  13. Victims and Creators

    There are two different kinds of people in this life, there are creators, and then there are victims. Creators are the people that get far in life because they were willing to accept responsibility as well as to change their behaviors and beliefs to create the best results possible. Victims on

  14. Teen Crime

    There are many colors in the world, most of which are vibrant, appealing and full of life. What is the first color that comes to your mind? This says a lot about your character. Most of the world and the people in it can be described with one of these colors. Orange for energy, black for

  15. Marriage Couple and Un-Marriage Couple

    Marriage Couple and Un-marriage Couple There are lots of people who live together without marrying, and the number is getting higher. Some countries protect those couples under the law. It means those couple’s right is protected. But at the same time, some of people think that their

  16. Book Review: Metaphors at Night

    NIGHT How is the title Night an extended metaphor for Elies life? In Elie wiesel’s autobiography Night, he shares his story about his experiences in a concentration camp. The title Night is an extended metaphor for Elie’s life because of his suffering and pain that he both witnessed and

  17. Crossword About Physics

    Q |W |M |A |L |L |E |A |B |I |L |I |T |Y |D |F |G | |E |R |I |D |T |M |L |Y |U |I |O |P |L |D |K |J |H | |K |L |S |H |M |N |A |B |V |C |X |Z |U |A |Y |A |S | |V |J |C |E |H |G |S |S |F |D |S |C |A |Q |T |W |H | |I |Q |I |S |P |O |T |I |S |U |T |Y |T |R |I |E |A | |S |W |B |I |E |R |I |T |Y |I

  18. The Death Penalty: Fatally Flawed

    The image of the United States has undoubtedly evolved since its birth. It has been admired by nations around the world and inspired them to follow in the footsteps of the founding fathers. Now, instead of being awed at like a young basketball player aspiring to be a great like LeBron, we are

  19. 7303

    Explain how you could promote inclusion, equality and diversity with your current/future learners. Identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners. To effectively deliver and promote inclusion, equality and diversity within a learning environment a teacher

  20. Should the Olympic Games Be Boycotted?

    boycott or not – is China fit to host the Olympics? By Ruth Oslington aged 13 Why on earth would we boycott the games – a tradition that is never broken except under extreme circumstances? Only an idiot would waste our recourses in such a stupid way! When Australia has spent so much time

  21. Skipping Myself

    Zhuojun Sun 29 January 2009 Skipping classes or skipping myself Looking backward, what impressed me most is an experience happened in my senior 1. I skipped the classes in order to play with my friends outside, but unfortunately, what I did was discovered by my class teacher. I could not get

  22. Prostitution in Philippine Setting

    JMJCh Sept. 7, 2006 Anthony Abustan Mrs. Alma Gorospe 10- B. B.R. English 10 Prostitution in Philippine Setting A Thesis Proposal The main issue of the researcher came from a social and economic state. Prostitution in various forms has existed from the earliest

  23. Educational Management in the Knowledge Society

    EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT IN THE CONTEXT OF THE KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY Iuliana PÂRVU, Lecturer PhD cand., ‘Spiru Haret’ University Constanţa ABSTRACT The new context of the socio-economic life development is broadly known today, and its major characteristic is the fact that the main economic

  24. Teenage Girls in the Media

    The average high school girl is faced with daily problems such as what to wear, how to climb up the social hierarchy, how to get a boy’s attention and how to get your parents to let you go to that party on Friday night. With all this swimming in a girl’s head, the more important things such as

  25. Workplace Safety and the Modern Workforce

    Workplace Safety and the Modern Workforce There is a growing concern in Canada that workplace safety does not meet the needs of all workers. Workplaces and working hours have changed over the years but the rules for who qualifies for compensation has not. Therefore, many people who get hurt or

  26. Ethical Dilemma

    AN ETHICAL DILEMMA Ethical Dilemmas '' Situation 1 Abstract This ethical dilemma concerns a case where the prosecutor at his first trial perceives a case of clear bias on the part of the judge. He noticed that the judge was overtly biased when dealing with the defendant’s attorney and

  27. Appletter

    February 18, 2009 Ms. Esseline Ong Chief Executive Officer Over the Top Productions Inc. Unit 1158A, Skyway Twin Towers, Oranbo, Pasig Dear Ms. Ong, Good day! I am writing to apply for the position of Marketing Manager. Over the Top is a fast-moving events management institution.

  28. Job Analysis and Its Role

    In the recent study conducted at the VA, it was found that work is usually assigned to whoever is available rather than whoever is qualified to do the task (Pugh, JA. 2001). Such judgment can be counterproductive in two ways. First, they may be utilizing a highly trained and more expensive

  29. Steroids and Sports

    Yensy Carty John Athanasourelis Fall 2007 English 11

  30. Explain the Ways in Which You Would Establish Ground Rules with Your Learners, Which Underpin Behaviour and Respect for Others

    Assignment 1 Teaching Roles and Responsibilities Theory Task 4 ‘Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others’. All students are different when it comes to respect for others and levels of behaviour, and