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60 Free Essays on Taxila Pakistan

  1. Information Technology in Pakistan

    WHY is it that all government decisions are based on circumstances or happenings as they existed fourteen centuries ago? Could it be ignorance stemming from lack of education? The prime vital issue of the nation's education has from the birth of the country been the last on the lists of prioriti

  2. Pakistan and American Policy

    INTRODUCTION The state does not intend to impose any specific rigid frameworks of cultural values but aims at providing an enabling environment in order to ensure the preservation and growth of diverse cultural patterns in our country. The policy aims at building a nationally shared value system

  3. Pakistan

    Pakistan Steve Olker Core 132 Pakistan is a country that, since its creation, has been rooted in turmoil. The recent years are no exception to this. Since 1988, power has been divided among the president, the prime minister and the military. Tensions between the three, however

  4. General Muhammed Zia-Ul-Haq - Pakistan History

    <b><b>Q. Discuss in detail the Islamization programme of General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq as the president of Pakistan.</b></center> <br> <br><b>A. Islamization Programme of General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq: - </b> <br> <br><b>Background: - </b> <br>General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq proclaimed Martial Law in 1977 a

  5. Pakistan: Foreign Policy

    Pakistan: Foreign Policy Pakistan, a land of many splendors and opportunities, a repository of a unique blend of history and culture for both the East and West has been the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations. The Indus valley, is the ninth most populous Area in the world, with 134 million

  6. Gender Biases Pakistan

    Bias: A bias is a prejudice in a general or specific sense, usually in the sense for having a preference to one particular point of view or ideological perspective. However, one is generally only said to be biased if one's powers of judgment are influenced by the biases one holds,

  7. India Pakistan Wwar

    section 2 - What world event had the greatest impact on your life as a teenager? The India Pakistan war During the India Pakistan war families were extremely terrified as the places which were going to be attacked next were never known .

  8. Research Paper on Pakistan

    22 November 2004 PAKISTAN I chose to do my research on the customs and lifestyles of Pakistan and their people. It took me quite a while to get in contact with someone who lives there, but once I finally did, I made a friend for life! I was very curious how the Pakistani's felt about A

  9. Child Labour in Pakistan

    Background Child Labour is a condemnable phenomenon and elimination of child labour is a feasible objective. It must be eradicated altogether, for democratic and healthy growth of the society. Children should grow into adulthood through love and care, education and training. Health of the societ

  10. Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan

    Moniza Alvi: Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan This poem can be compared usefully with the extracts from Search for My Tongue and from Unrelated Incidents, as well as with Half-Caste - all of which look at ideas of race and identity. Where Sujatta Bhatt, Tom Leonard and John Agard find this in lan

  11. The Federal Republic Government of Pakistan

    Pakistan Pakistan has a Federal Republic government. This means that the powers of the central government are restricted and in the component parts retain a degree of self government. The ultimate sovereign power rests with the voters who choose their governmental representatives. Pakistan’s

  12. Key Issue in Pakistan Industry

    Key Issues in Industry in Pakistan The previous two chapters have given a chronological account of developments in the industrial sector in Pakistan, showing how perspectives of different regimes have influenced industrial and economic growth. This chapter looks at contemporary issues in the in

  13. Pakistan and Global Economic Crises

    Pakistan and the global financial crisis By Afshan Subohi The current financial crisis in the West has critically exposed the vulnerabilities of a liberalised financial system. It has also highlighted the challenge that the policymakers and regulators are faced with in an increasingly globalis

  14. Exploring Business Opportunities Between India and Pakistan

    Introduction India and Pakistan used to be one nation governed by the British Empire until 15th August 1947, when they were divided into two different countries. From the day of independence the seeds of conflict were sown and these countries have since always been in a state of cold war for almo

  15. Ecommerce and Its Impact in Pakistan

    Summary The technology of today is vastly innovative and beneficial to those who know how to manipulate it. The Internet era is unfolding; anybody can now log on to their computers and take care of their financial business, online in the comfort of their own homes. This is called e-commerce, within

  16. Ethnic Groups in Pakistan

    Since its birth, Pakistan has been home to various multi-ethnic societies and groups in all its provinces. The activities of these groups have had varying impact on the political history of Pakistan. This paper analyses the impact of the Sindhi ethnic society (also known as the "Jeeya Sindh movement

  17. Pakistan’s Economic Growth

    PAKISTAN’S ECONOMIC GROWTH [From 2000 till 2007] Table of Contents 1. Brief Economic history of Pakistan 1 2. Pakistan’s Recent Economic Activities 2 Stock Market 3 Manufacturing and Finance 4 Demographic Factors 4 Employment 4 Rupee: The Currency of Pakistan 4 Dollar

  18. Povert in Pakistan

    POVERTY AND INCOME DISTRIBUTION The fight against poverty represents the greatest challenge of our times. Considerable progress has nevertheless been made in different parts of the world in reducing poverty. The proportion of people living in extreme poverty on global level fell from 28 percen

  19. Objectives Resolution: 1st Prime Minister of Pakistan

    Objectives Resolution 1st Prime Minister of Pakistan In office: 14 August 1947 – 16 October 1951 Preceded by Office Created Succeeded by Khawaja Nazimuddin 1st Finance Minister of British India In office: 17 August 1946 – 14 August 1947 Preceded by Office Created Born: 2 Octobe

  20. It Industry in Pakistan

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PIM undertook the preparation of this report with the conviction that Information Technology truly holds the potential to act as an enabler of economic revival and growth especially for countries like Pakistan. We are also painfully aware that Pakistan has lagged dangerously be

  21. Pakistan Business

    McDonalds first opened a store in Pakistan in September 1998. Since then they have opened seventeen new stores through Pakistan. Today millions of Pakistanis place their trust in McDonald's everyday to provide them with food of a very high standard as well as good service. In the past five years,

  22. India and Pakistan

    It was the independence of India from the British, and it's separation into two countries (one being India, the other Pakistan) that marked the beginning of what we today know as the world's oldest and most historical enemies. Many wars (including the Kashmir and Bangladesh wars) and peace treaties

  23. Pakistan

    India-Pakistan Relationship India and Pakistan share geographic location and are linked by political and religious issues. Since the partition of the subcontinent the two neighbors have found it difficult to have friendly relationship and any improvement seen has only been very short lived. There

  24. Planning Engineer

    Tauseef naz arshad (gOLD MEDALIST), PLANNING ENGINEEr(PMP) Ma’aden Magnesite Project. Email:tauseefnaz@gmail.com Al-Madina Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Cell#: 00966531552071 Experience Summary. • Having hand on Experie

  25. 26/11, Cia, India and Pakistan

    Washington/New Delhi, Feb 16 (IANS) The US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) played a key role in Pakistan’s admission that its citizens were involved in the Mumbai terror attacks by “orchestrating back-channel intelligence exchanges” between India and Pakistan, a report in The Washington P

  26. Pakistan

    Franchising in Pakistan has recently been growing especially in the hospitality sector. Several major U.S. hotel chains, three major U.S. restaurants, and a U.S. car rental company are currently represented in Pakistan through franchisees. Franchising provides multinational companies with an oppor

  27. Extending the Hand of Friendship Pakistan India

    IN more than one way, Lal Krishna Advani is certainly a changed man from the man he was in 2001, when for the first time I met him at Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's luncheon in Delhi in honour of General Pervez Musharraf, chief executive of his country, as he then styled himself, prior to the

  28. Voilence Against Women in Pakistan

    Forms of Violence Against Women in Pakistan Domestic Violence and Rape After giving birth to five girls and being continuously tortured by her husband for not conceiving a boy, Faizan Mai, a distraught thirty-five year old Pakistani woman, killed herself and her two youngest daughters in 2002 by j

  29. Pakistan Foreign Policy

    | | | | | | | | | | | | | Area | Total |  803, 940 Sq. km.   | Punjab |  205,344   Sq. km.   | Sindh |  140,914    Sq. km. | North West Frontier Province |  74,521   Sq. km.   | Balochistan |  347,190 Sq. km.   | Federally Administered Triba

  30. Why Pakistan Should Not "Engage" with Israel

    Recently the Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and Israel met in Istanbul, followed by a handshake between Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, sparking speculations that Pakistan is going to accord recognition to Israel, a state whose existence Pakistan has deni