Marketing Plan for Icy Thai Massage Centre (Itmc)

Marketing Plan for Icy Thai Massage Centre (Itmc)

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I. Executive Summary

Icy Thai Massage Centre (ITMC) will be the leading Thai massage service in leisure and recreation industry in Danang City in Vietnam. ITMC offers a range of Thai massage styles including traditional Thai massage, Thai table stretching and Thai herbal poultice treatment. These services are practiced by high trained staffs with ancient techniques developed over hundred years, at a reasonable price, convenient location, in a calm and harmonic atmosphere, and the gentle music and pleasant scents.

The dedication to consistently providing high consumers’ relaxation and satisfaction will help ITMC position its brand in the two target customers: local officers and tourists domestic and international. Consequently, it can promote rapid growth and profitability and then improve itself to become the product-quality leader.

II. Situation Analysis

ITMC just started its operation for over two months ago. The business is in progress, and customers have been impressed its service, but it needs to concentrate more efforts on implementing and enhancing the marketing strategies in marketing plan to the development of brand and product awareness as well as the growth of target customers. A unique service has created a strong difference for ITMC from the current holistic massage and spa industry.

1. Market Summary

With a good understanding of the market demographics, market demand, market trend and market growth in the next coming year, ITM can satisfy the common beliefs, attitudes and expectation of its prized and loyal customers and achieve the market leader specialized in Thai massage in Danang.

Market Demographics

Through a meticulous and detail marketing research, ITMC has divided its customers into two groups basing on geographic, demographic and behavior factors. The first group is local officers have personal income of USD 2,000 with total about 300,000 people. The second group consists of 14,000 tourists including national and...

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