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American History covers all topics related to the birth of the United States of America. From the revolutionary war, all the way to September 11th if your looking for an type of event that impacts the United States you’ll find it here.

  1. History Notes

    977-985 The election of Ronald Reagan, 1980 • Reagan was well suited to lead the conservative crusade. • He sided with the new right on social issues. • He denounced the activist government and failed social engineering of 1960. • He preached a populist political philosophy. • Reagan

  2. “the Trail Where They Cried”

    Nunna daul Isunyi—“The Trail Where They Cried” In the 1830’s, Andrew Jackson forced the Cherokee nation to give up their native land and resettle to what is now know as Oklahoma. Andrew Jackson was the first president to implement the removal act of the Native Americans, Knows as the Indian

  3. Franklin's Argument About Native Americans

    “Franklins Argument about Native Americans” Benjamin Franklin wrote “In Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America” because he wanted people to understand that those so called savages are really different from us and that’s okay. Every culture has some form of rudeness and politeness in

  4. Understanding the Five Personality Traits

    1. Identify and explain (in your own words) the five personality traits that make up the Big 5 factors. Which do you predict you are highest on? Lowest? -The five personality traits that make up the Big 5 factors are a. Conscientiousness- meaning more of the traits you learns from your

  5. Napoleon and President George W. Bush – a Comparison

    Can the attitudes and actions of President George W. Bush compare at all to those of legendary French leader Napoleon Bonaparte? There are many facts suggesting both men have approached their ability to lead their respective countries in a similar fashion, most notably when considering their

  6. Buig

    Brett Motta Mr. Lewis Writing III The Contrast In the two readings I read there were many contrasting events. In “Shame” by Dick Gregory he experiences many of them. They include starvation, poverty, and he also doesn’t have a father. He struggles to get food, he’s poor and

  7. The Greatest

    Bridge Questions Part 1 Write in complete sentences. Be thorough and explain your thinking. Re-read what you write and make sure your ideas are clearly explained. 1. What are the 3 states of matter? Which are we studying first, and why? 2. How did we begin studying the relationship

  8. Adsfchgjkl

    le dernier combat, wag the dog, zelig, requiem for a dream, viki, kristina, barcelona, memento, le grand bleu, midsummers night sex comedy... [23:49:46] sekmadieniūkštis: 6. Akira Kurosawa « Dreams” (1990) [23:50:29] sekmadieniūkštis: 50. Christopher Nolan “Memento” (2000)

  9. Poetry Comparison: the Great Gatsby and in the Suburbs

    great gastbyChristina Webster Miss. Karlowicz English III April 8, 2010 Poetry Comparison “There’s no way out. You were born to waste your life.”(Simpson) No one will have a choice to what they will become, its just destiny to waste their life. The “Great Gatsby” and “In

  10. A Peoples History of the United States

    Aaron Robinson November 2010 History Quiz 2 Why were White men taken by surprise in the 60’s and 70’s? In the 1960s and 70’s white men were taken by storm by women who were frustrated, and wanted to stand up for themselves in a White Male Dominated society. Howard Zinn’s A Peoples

  11. American Social History - Rosewoood Journal

    American Social History October 21, 2010 Rosewood Journal Entry I feel that Rosewood is one of the most piercing movies of our time. Why? The film does not hold back on the violence and racism displayed by the white men of Sumner. The tension that I felt within the theatrical sequences

  12. Kools

    Materials Needed 1. Lantern battery (6 volt) 2. Flat tip screwdriver 3. Wire cutters Advantages 1. Which is more economical to buy a 6 volt lantern battery or a five pack of AA batteries to power your home gadgets? A. five pack

  13. War on Terrorism 2

    Quintant Greer English 1301 Bruce Martin October 30, 2008 Terrorism The “War on Terrorism” to this point has been wrapped in controversy because of its lack of effectiveness.  It can be compared to the “War on Drugs” because it is like fighting against an ever changing enemy

  14. To What Extent Do You Agree That America Was a Malting Pot Between 1890 and 1900

    To what extent do you agree that America was a 'melting pot' between 1890 and 1920? I agree to an extent that America was a 'mosaic' between 1890 and 1920 and not a 'melting pot', although others would argue differently. Reasons how America was a 'mosaic' include the religious differences

  15. Jonathan Edwards and Patrick Henry

    Martin Rodriguez Ms. O’ Kelly AP English 18 November 2011 RHETORICAL ANALYSIS The early American writers Jonathan Edwards had quite little in common even though they were backers of the same basic principles of Christianity. Perhaps this difference is because of the

  16. The Bombing of Hiroshima - Essay

    Period 4 The Bombing of Hiroshima The United States entered World War 2 because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Eventually there would be a lot of fighting. Franklin Roosevelt then gave permission for the making of an atomic bomb to be dropped somewhere in Japan. As they were making

  17. Union

    Q: Please type in the full text of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. (Page 163.) Q: What activities does the 4th Amendment cover (in addition to those covered in Chapter 3)? (Sec. 4.1) Q: When does a “search” occur? When does a “seizure” occur? (Sec. 4.1) Q:

  18. Crucible Letter: Elizabeth

    Crucible Letter as Elizabeth Dear John, I shall l always know deep down in my heart that you are a great man. Although you are not the most righteous, you are also a great father. I feel as though you shall not lie and confess about performing witchcraft for the sake of your reputation.

  19. Air Quality: Past, Present and Future

    Air Quality: Past, Present and Future Ashley Richardson POL 310 Paul Edleman Ashford University . The topic of air quality can be a hot button issue in our nation today in personal, corporate and political situations. These three facets of society cannot seem to agree on the need and

  20. Survey on Drug Use and Health

    Associate Level Material Appendix B   Statistics   UCR and Self-Report Data   Complete the matrix below. To complete this matrix, list two pros and two cons of Uniform Crime Report (UCR) data and two pros and two cons of self-report data.   Statistical Information

  21. Freedom Riders - Paper

    The Freedom Riders The Freedom Riders rode on buses to protest against racism and slavery because they thought that slavery was inhumane, uncivilized, and just plain wrong. Freedom Riders were American civil-rights demonstrators who engaged (1961) in nonviolent protests against

  22. Sammy

    The sunflower questions Pgs. 3-20 Adam fox 1. If a dying Nazi soldier asked for my forgiveness I would without a doubt tell them that all the pain and anguish they caused me will never be forgotten and they should die knowing the scars they have left behind. I wouldn’t think the soldiers

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    CURRICULUM VITAE Avinash Roshan 5/11A,Jondhwal, Teliarganj, Allahabad, 211004. Mo. No. - +91-8004393311 Career Objective | To be a part of an organization this provides me oppurtunity to realise my potential of skills and education towards achievement of

  24. Speech

    The Frames Half Yearly Notes Subjective Frame • Looks at the feeling and emotions responses we can get from the artworks. It identifies the persona Responses of the artist and audiences. • The way in which Subjective or personal concerns can be paramount to an artist in his or her

  25. What Am I? - Essay

    What Am I? What Am I? The question that everyone asks to himself or herself at least a few times in their lifetime. Some may say we are a combination of our mind, body and soul, others may say I am my physical body and not really think much further into their own existence. According to Rene

  26. Why Settlers Found It Offensive to Join a Tribe

    I think people would find it upsetting at the idea why these settlers would willingly join the natives probably because most settlers saw themselves above tribes. As if like they were a class and they were at the top. Settlers were so advanced in that time, therefore, it would be

  27. Impacts of Wwii

    Impacts On American Society From WWII Before the war, the citizens had been accustomed to a normal life style. The men would work and get paid so they could bring food for the table, while the women were our ordinary housewives. It was your typical American day. The society of America had

  28. Hello

    Dear Vivian "My second mother" Hi there Vivian I just wanted to write you a letter appologizing for what I have done. FIrst of all I want to start off by saying thank you for being such a great mother is what I can say. You have treated me and welcomed me as your own child and I really

  29. Mr. Jonas and his wagon

    1) Douglas is horrified to find out that yet another form of transportation for the summer is about to be gone; the trolley run by Mr. Tridden, which will have its tracks replaced with new ones for a bus. On the last day of operation Mr. Tridden offers the children a free ride, and Douglas,

  30. What I Hear When Someone Says Africa

    Jonathan Lawson Dr. Sigwalt HI 130 A 18 January 2013 What I Hear When Someone Says Africa When I hear the word Africa everything that comes to mind is about its culture, land and people. Its culture is very different from other regions around the world because in Africa they have