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American History covers all topics related to the birth of the United States of America. From the revolutionary war, all the way to September 11th if your looking for an type of event that impacts the United States you’ll find it here.

  1. The Dying Man Becomes a Wolf

    Though seemingly simplistic, each Inuit drawing often speaks more than a thousand words about the social life and spiritual culture of the Arctic Canadian. The Dying Man Becomes a Wolf (1972) is an illustration of a song by Kukiiyaut, an artist from Baker Lake, Northern Canada (Butler,

  2. Elvis

    Early life Elvis Presley owed his ancestry to diverse European ethnic strains, primarily British and German; Presley's lineage also included some Native American, i.e., Cherokee descent.[12][13][14][15] His father, Vernon Elvis Presley[16] (April 10, 1916–June 26, 1979), had several low-paying

  3. Dddd

    On April 5, 1856, Booker .T Washington was born on the Burroughs farm at the community of Hales ford, Virginia. Booker T. Washington mother was name Jane and she was an enslaved black woman who worked as a cook and his white father was a plantation owner. Sense Booker .T Washington mother was

  4. Jackson Removal Bill

    "All is fair in love and war", is a significant phrase that has been known to man since the beginning of time. For centuries, land and power is a right that is given to those who are capable of getting it, regardless of origin and upbringing; if there is capability than the possibilities are

  5. Europeans vs. Native Americans

    In the beginning, the Native Americans welcomed the new settlers with open arms. They taught the Europeans how to hunt, fish, and generally survive in their new land. The Indians traded with them, but sooner or later conflict flared and when Indians started dieng of diseases brought over by

  6. The Great Debaters

    Embarrassing Moments in My life Have you ever been a new student at anew school? Well I was at Brookwood Junior high school. It was my first 8th grade year experience at a new school in a new district. You know! When you are just getting used to the school and something embarrassing

  7. Causes and Solutions to the Great Depression

    Causes and Solutions of the Great Depression There were many factors that led to the Great Depression; however, the greatest may have been the lack of regulation of the US economy. But with Roosevelt’s “Alphabet Soup” laws and regulations, as well as WWII –which provided a much needed

  8. Early Explorers

    After five centuries, Christopher Columbus remains one of the most questionable and mystifying figures throughout history. Columbus has had notable declaratory labels such as one of the greatest mariners in history, a visionary genius, and a national hero. As well as these names, he has the

  9. Industrial Revolution Effects

    The Industrial Revolution brought huge change to people and the environment. It led to extreme pollution to a point that the skies were barely blue, and it led to the huge technology boom that has never stopped. The Industrial Revolution introduces a new way of life, and had a worldwide effect.

  10. Xxxxxfxxfxx

    Problem 21. How much heat is required to raise an 800-g copper pan from 15±C to 90±C if (a) the pan is empty; (b) the pan contains 1.0 kg of water; (c) the pan contains 4.0 kg of mercury? Solution (a) When just the pan is heated, ¢Q = mCucCu ¢T = (0:8 kg)(386 J=kg¢K)(90 ¡ 15)K = 23:2 kJ

  11. Who Can We Blame

    WHO CAN WE BLAME Ezerick L. Alexander ENG 122 Pamela Klem 8.18.2008 WHO CAN WE BLAME Growing up I can remember when the price of gas was right under a dollar, that when you could go to the gas pump an actually fill your car up for fifteen dollar, when you

  12. Cultures

    cultures I am doing my paper on china and spain.I chose Spain because it is part of my culture and china because I wanted to learn more about that culture. First I’m going to start off with explaining some traditions in each culture and my connection to Spain and how they are the same or

  13. Marketing Strategies for Equipment and Facilities Improvement

    As previously mentioned, our group decided to focus on the most obvious potential drawback: Station 2. We decided to purchase more Station 2 machines, since that station would have to process each unit of production twice instead of just once like station 1 & 3. What we underestimated, and in

  14. What Role Did American Intelligence Play in the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    I. Introduction The thirteen days of the Cuban Missile Crisis emphatically displayed the importance of American espionage to the United States and the rest of the world. Through human intelligence gathering methods, photoreconnaissance and signal interceptions the United States were able

  15. The Labor Unions

    Mike Lisak Between the late 1800s and early 1900s, the effort of labor unions to improve the position of workers was successful to some extent, though it generally failed to achieve its objective. Organized labor was created after workers were treated unfairly and could do nothing about it.

  16. The American Dream - Freedom

    The American Dream What is the American Dream, and who are the people most likely to pursue it? The American Dream represents the goal specific to an individual. One person might consider a home that’s payed off their version of the American Dream, and another person might see it as the

  17. Synthesis

    John Locke vs. William Cullen Bryant John Locke and William Cullen Bryant have similar yet differing opinions on the death penalty. John Locke was a puritan while William Cullen Bryant was a romantic. Although the two men have different mentalities and thought processes, their ideas on

  18. The Medical Negligence

    Drug trials to medical negligence compensation trialsA shocking case reached the headlines in March 2006 when six men were taken seriously ill after taking part in a drugs trial. The tragic aftermath left some seeking medical negligence compensation. The trials, which resulted in devastating

  19. Hip Hop Culture

    The Evolution of the Hip Hop Culture and Music In Nelson George’s textbook, “Hip Hop America,” he states, “hip hop is nothing, however, resilient” (12). The durability and elasticity that is found in hip hop, among other African American forms of music, has enabled the genre to adapt to

  20. Carton

    Carton This was a man of true humble loyalty. Although he did see worth in his life, this man’s life made a huge impact on others. He was a man that kept his word and his promises. He was a man with a vision of Paris turning from slumbering to beautiful and flourishing. He created the

  21. Of Mice and Men: Loneliness

    Of Mice And Men- Loneliness (Draft) If you don’t have a family and your lonely then one of the most important thing you need is a friend. Without friends, people would suffer from loneliness and isolation. The Novel is on George and Lennie, who are true friends which don’t have anyone in

  22. Martyt

    Rachel Joy Scott is my favorite martyr. Rachel Scott was born August 5th 1981 and died during a Columbine school shooting on April 20th1999, she was only 17. According to Rachel was involved with music, writing, singing and acting. The site said she is the type of person

  23. The Ignorant American Voter

    July 27, 2008 The Ignorant American Voter Q & A: Rick Shenkman By Bret Schulte June 23 / June 30, 2008 Rick Shenkman recently spoke to U.S. News about” The ignorant American voter.”According to my conclusion, this is something that needs to be addressed. His statement, “This is an American

  24. The Main Factor That Allows Stalin to Rise to Power

    How far do you agree that the weaknesses and mistakes of Stalin’s rivals was the main factor allowing Stalin to rise to power? Throughout the summer of 1923, Lenin lay close to death, and a lull settled over the political struggle. But the battle lines were forming in the Politburo and

  25. Effective Legal Systems for Issues Faced by Women

    “Discuss the effectiveness of the legal system in addressing the issues faced by women in the workplace and in the family”. During the past 150 years responsibility and grade of women have increased dramatically. Fewer rights were given to women due to the being assessed to be less brighter

  26. Philosophy: Ethical Relativism

    Anh Nguyen Professor: Daniel Lim Philosophy 20 Essay 1 “Ethical Relativism” This is the definition of ethical relativism that I read from our textbook on page 116: “We may choose to believe that there is no universal moral truth '' that each culture has its own set of rules that are valid

  27. Dsfdsf

    dfdsfTran 1 Peter Tran Mrs. Cashmere English III CP 05 March 09 My Brother and Me At the time when my mom told me I was going to have a brother , I was not sure if I could handle it. I was very excited about having a brother, but I came to realize that it would take a lot of

  28. Fha Addendum

    FINANCING ADDENDUM FHA INSURED MORTGAGE This form approved by the Minnesota Association of REALTORS(, which disclaims any liability arising out of use or misuse of this form. ( 2007, Minnesota Association of REALTORS(, Edina,

  29. Native Americans and Westward Expansion

    Over the years, there have been various debates about how American frontiersmen handled the Natives who previously occupied the Americas. Even in the way in which we define the two groups of people--Native Americans and White Americans—expresses that there are fundamental differences between

  30. Discuss What Led to the Reemergence of of a Two-Party Systemin the Period 1820-1840

    In the election of 1824, John Quincy Adams ran as a National Republican, while Andrew Jackson ran, and won, as the first Democrat. Then, during his second run, Henry Clay ran against him as a National Republican, and lost. It was during this second term that the Whig Party came to be, brought